Imagine how much your business could benefit from more of your prospects and customers hearing your branded proposition from a highly trained sales professional.   Each one of our Inside Sales professionals will make 2 to 3  quality sales calls an hour with a qualified decision-maker. That's an additional 5,000 quality sales calls a year per Sales Rep for a fraction of the cost of a field sales rep call.  

The best way to deploy your customized Inside Sales Team will be specific to your business needs. Clients have used teams in a wide variety of ways such as driving new product rollouts, contract implementations, market segment initiatives and more.  Some clients have dedicated our teams to manage distributor relationships at remote or smaller locations.   Whatever your business needs, know that we will build a team that can drive the results you are looking for.

iac has been providing inside sales services for B2B ‘Brand Owners’ since 1996.  We have deep experience in multiple Industries characterized by brand owners driving solutions through channels of distribution to highly fragmented end markets. Our inside sales teams are 100% US-based and specifically recruited and trained for each client.  Each team member is provided state-of-the-art systems & tools to drive results, effectively manage productivity, and develop market intelligence for our clients.