Vast & Dynamic Markets

Today's markets are far more complex, interconnected and vast than in the past.  Markets such as Foodservice, Janitorial Services and Convenience Stores have hundreds of thousands to over a million end use outlets…far too many for the traditional go to market methods could possible cover.  Captive sales teams and broker networks making face to face sales calls are simply not able to reach even a fraction of the potential sales opportunities.  IAC offers a cost effective Selling Solution to help our clients reach more outlets and capture higher sales growth and greater marketshare.

Integrated Access Corporation (IAC) - Selling as a Solution

Integrated Access Corporation offers "Inside Sales Services" that help our clients significantly extend their marketplace reach and enhance their sales performance.  We are not a tele-sales firm…people making cold calls or the 1-800 sales people you might be thinking of…IAC employs sales professionals, much like those in your own salesforce who just happen to do their selling over the phone.  Our sales professionals are client dedicated and trained, they call into industries where IAC owns leading databases of locations and decision makers and have a proven track record of sales success which can be tracked and measured.  

Client Dedicated

Our Selling Professionals are client dedicated meaning they only work on your brands and become experts in  your products and sales stories.  In fact…they introduce themselves as a member of your sales team for their calls.  They only call on the industry segments and end use customers you approve and quickly become experts in both the needs of the end use customer but also your products and how well they apply.

Selling Over the Phone to Limit Costs

Because our Selling Professionals sell over the phone…they can reach end use operators regardless of location while eliminating travel expenses.  In addition, our Selling Professionals make 2-3 meaningful sales calls per hour…that means having a direct conversations with an end use decision maker (not leaving a message).  That translates into a single Selling Professional being able to make thousands of sales calls per year…at a fraction of the cost of a face to face sales call.  

Technology to Organize & Drive Advantage

All selling activity is documented in a leading-edge Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system – every sales call for every Inside Sales Professional – every day.  This allows IAC to organize our work and adjust to changing client priorities.  In addition, metrics for sales activities such as number of sales calls, number of opportunities, status of opportunities, size of opportunities, projected revenue are all available in real time.  This allows for sound analytics on sales performance…. number of orders, size of orders…. again available in real time.