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Accelerate Sales

Touch more prospects and customers, faster

One IAC Sales Professional completes 2 to 3 quality sales calls per hour – 4,000 to 6,000 sales calls per year – reaching many more customers, no matter where they are, than the typical field sales representative.  That’s not just dialing the phone and/or leaving voice mails - that’s 2 to 3 meaningful conversations that advance the sales process - every hour of every day

There is no more cost-effective way to achieve that kind of market reach.

Focused, Impactful, & Cost-Effective

Selling high priority solutions to the right customers - profitably

Sales activity is conducted in an organized and directed fashion, selling the ‘right’ products to meet the needs of the targeted customers in attractive market segments - consistent with business direction and priorities. 

The number of orders sold per iac Inside Sales Representative is higher... the cost per sales call is dramatically lower ….  delivering a dramatically higher return on the Sales & Marketing investment for the client.

Delivering your Brand Message EveryTime

An ongoing voice to the customer

iac Sales Representatives are dedicated to a single client, making sales calls on targeted customers all day, every day.  When we call a client's prospect or customer, we call as the client, not Integrated Access, therefore the brand owner gets full credit for the communication.  We take extra care to always ensure a positive impression on every call.

Trained to deliver a consistent branded message

Our Sales Reps receive the same brand training that any sales representative of the client receives, ensuring accurate delivery of the branded message to targeted customers on every sales call.

Building brand awareness while getting results

Even if a prospect does not buy, the awareness building and brand marketing is focused on high attractiveness targets, making this a highly effective marketing tactic versus many other B2B marketing options.

Drive Breakthrough Growth


Creating tangible results you can actually see

All selling activity is documented in a leading-edge Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system – every sales call for every Inside Sales Representative – every day  

Metrics for Sales Activities…. number of sales calls, number of opportunities, status of opportunities, size of opportunities, projected revenue….. are available in real time  

Metrics for Sales Successes…. number of orders, size of orders…. again available in real time  

Sell Smarter

Collect extensive market information...

Our Sales Reps collect relevant account and contact information on every call….. market segment, relevant size criteria, decision makers, affiliations, email addresses, and more….. building a database of market information unavailable from other sources.

Turn Market Information into Market Intelligence!

Using advanced analytics, market information can be sorted and aggregated in multiple ways to provide sophisticated market intelligence that enables refined targeting and increased Sales & Marketing effectiveness - a significant competitive advantage!

Apply new insights into Sales & Marketing activities

Enabling targeted sales efforts to focus on specific market opportunities such as…

  • Accounts meeting specific criteria within or across market segments
  • Specific competitive situations
  • Early adopters of new product ideas
  • Geographic blitzes to drive distributor stocking initiatives