Selling as a Service!

IAC offers several selling services that are designed to improve sales performance across different product life stages & markets.  Contact an IAC Account Manager to help identify which service best meets your business needs.

Dedicated Selling:








IAC's Dedicated Selling Service is a full time sales professional who is 100% dedicated to your brand and business lines.  Our Dedicated Sellers introduce themselves as a member of your company, not IAC, and are thoroughly trained on your brands positioning and unique selling points in a given market.  A Dedicated Seller will make 2-3 quality sales calls per hour and thousands of call per year on behalf of your brand or brands.  That means an IAC Dedicated Seller will have 2-3 meaningful conversations (not messages or unanswered calls) about your products with end use decision makers each hour!  They quickly become an expert on your brand and its selling proposition.

Distributor Management:

Let IAC manage smaller or regional distributor relationships that do not justify your dedicated sales team's focus. An IAC Selling Professional focussed on Distributor Management can cover more locations and make more frequent calls on those locations.  Imaging if you could quickly and easily have live conversations about the following:

  • Updated pricing or price increases
  • Important promotions, discuss the benefits vs having to read an email blast
  • New item introductions from a product expert
  • Dedicated programs to drive sales productivity in areas of low velocity
  • Focussed campaigns to help drive competitive conversions
  • And much, much more!

Lead Closure Selling:

Image if you could quickly follow up on and close the sales on the thousands of sales leads you generate each year?  What would that be worth?  IAC has the ability to quickly incorporate your generated leads into our CRM system.  This allows those leads to seamlessly be included in our workflow and call priorities.  Be the leads from your website, tradeshow or another source…IAC has the ability to follow up on leads in 24-48 hours from the time we get them.